Mail the required number of manuscript copies in a heavy paper envelope, enclosing the manuscript copies and figures in cardboard, if needed, to prevent bending of pictures throughout mail handling. Place pictures and transparencies in a separate heavy paper envelope. Each determine ought to have a label pasted on its again indicating the number of the figure, writer’s name, and top of the determine. Do not write on the again of figures or scratch or mar them by using paper clips. Multiple publication – that’s, the publication more than as quickly as of the same study, regardless of whether or not the wording is identical – isn’t justified. Secondary publication in one other language is one possible justification, offered the next circumstances are met.

Please discuss with Section 5.6 of the Excel Reference and Statistics Guide for info on appropriately discussing statistics in your paper. Although it is common practice in journals to put text in two columns per page, that’s neither essential nor recommended on this assignment. In lively voice, the subject of a sentence performs the action described by the verb.

Many databases display abstracts within the search results and sometimes display them before displaying the total textual content of an article or scientific research. It is essential to create a high quality abstract that precisely communicates the aim and objective of your paper, as readers will determine whether it is worthy to continue reading or not. Badge icons might be displayed firstly of the article, and information associated to open practices shall be published in a note titled “Open Practices” that may seem on the end of the article.

The formats for these papers are often decided by the instructor and are often very basic, or they are format standards given by an institution corresponding to Harvard, that the teacher/instructor decided to stay to. Your conclusions should be directly supported by the data that you just present. Avoid making sweeping conclusions that rest on assumptions that have not been substantiated by your or others’ research. For instance, when you discover a correlation between fur thickness and basal metabolic rate in rats and mice you would not essentially conclude that fur thickness and basal metabolic price are correlated in all mammals. You would possibly draw this conclusion, however, should you cited evidence that correlations between fur thickness and basal metabolic fee are also found in twenty different mammalian species. Assess the generality of the obtainable data earlier than you commit to an overly basic conclusion.

These shall be necessary for some disciplines, but think about whether or not they strengthen or weaken your paper. You may also contemplate articles published on research networks prior to publication, but think about balancing these citations with citations of peer-reviewed analysis. In January 1978 a gaggle of editors from some main biomedical journals printed in English met in Vancouver, British Columbia, and selected uniform technical requirements for manuscripts to be submitted to their journals. These requirements, together with codecs for bibliographic references developed for the Vancouver group by the National Library of Medicine, were printed in three of the journals early in 1979.

Use the headers and footers device of your word-processing program to add the header, with the title text at the left and the web page number in the upper-right corner. Your title web page ought to look like the following instance. In this part you describe the way you carried out your study. You need to offer sufficient data here for the reader to duplicate your experiment.

A sentence should include no pointless phrases, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences. After writing your plan conduct supplementary studying and refine your plan and make it extra detailed. Zotero mechanically senses research as you browse the online. Need an article from JSTOR or a preprint from A news story from the New York Times or a e-book from a library? For ebooks, you no longer must establish the format.

The introduction, primary body and conclusion should all be linked.Each paragraph ought to comprise a main theme that are illustrated and developed through numerous factors . Zotero immediately creates references and bibliographies for any textual content editor, and directly inside Word, LibreOffice, and Google Docs. With assist for over 10,000 quotation styles, you can format your work to match any style guide or publication.

As a results of their training and competence, they normally give you hypotheses to be examined and research is carried out. This analysis is completed and their outcomes submitted for shows at conferences as free communications. Nevertheless, the realization of this artistic process is just complete when a scientific manuscript is printed in a journal. At this final stage, most efforts seem not be dropped at a standstill1,2. There are a number of the reason why scholars, interns, residents, graduate students and even experienced physicians might discover it troublesome to move ahead from congress’ abstracts to full manuscripts published in journals. However, the most vital hindrance rests with the problem writing the mere paragraphs of an authentic manuscript.

Please embrace what you have been doing when this web page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found on the backside of this web page. Follow the material in order or choose the material your self. Time4Learning is a standards-based grade-appropriate curriculum with thousands of interactive lessons in math, language arts, social research, science, and more. Schools can select to run qualifiers digitally or on paper. Paper participation will launch in late February 2022. Schools that participate digitally want one laptop, laptop computer, or telephone per student and one laptop for the trainer main the event.

Although this part is the least read, it is extremely necessary as it shows how you came to your results. IMRaD format permits readers to navigate through content material with ease. It calls for precise writing – no flowery language right here and there.

Note that these two journals provide secretariat providers for the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors; they do not handle manuscripts meant for different journals. Papers supposed for different journals ought to be sent on to the offices of these journals. Our aim is to serve the pursuits of authors and institutions, not the editorial and publishing pursuits of Springer Nature journals. Offprints could also be ordered through an online kind when your article is accepted for publication. The dialogue ought to concentrate on the interpretation and significance of the findings with concise objective comments that describe their relation to other work within the space. The results and discussion sections should not be combined.

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Hjælp til betaling m.v.

Herunder kan du få hjælp til opsætning og brug af vores betalingsmuligheder og digitale løsinger. Tryk på en løsning for at læse mere.


Med Betalingsservice via NETS betales dine regninger til tiden, uden du behøver at gå i banken eller på posthuset. På den måde sparer du både tid og penge.

Det koster et gebyr jfr. ovenstående at betale en faktura via Betalingsservice. Dette gebyr svarer til den omkostning, vi har, når vi skal administrere at sende regningen og modtage betalingen via NETS – betalingsservice.

Betalingsservice online tilmelding

Du kan melde dine regninger til Betalingsservice:

  • Gennem din netbank.
  • Ved at kontakte din bankfilial.
  • Ved at benytte linket på denne hjemmeside til NETS. På NETS hjemmeside finder du en tilmeldingsblanket.


Ønsker du at betale gebyrfrit, kan du gøre brug af e-boks betalingsformen. E-boks er en gratis løsning for kunden. Slip for rudekuverter – modtag din regning i e-boks.

Med e-Boks får du en sikker elektronisk postboks, hvor du kan modtage og opbevare de regninger, du normalt modtager med posten. Oprettelse og log på sker ved hjælp af NemID eller Digital Signatur.

Du kan – ved oprettelse af e-boks – oplyse din E-mail adresse, så modtager du automatisk en E-mail, hver gang der er ny post i din e-boks.

E-Boks er nemt og sikkert at anvende. På vælger du blot, om du vil logge på via Netbank eller med Digital Signatur.

Din personlige e-boks postboks er tilknyttet dit CPR-nummer og følger dig derfor, uanset om du flytter eller skifter e-mail adresse. Brugen af personnumre i e-Boks er underlagt en restriktiv lovgivning, som er kontrolleret og godkendt af Datatilsynet. Du kan således trygt benytte e-Boks.

Print, gem eller send din regning

I din e-boks modtager du din regning som PDF. Du kan både printe regningen, gemme regningen på din computer eller sende den pr. e-mail, hvis du ønsker dette.

Sådan gør du

Hvis du ikke allerede har aktiveret din e-Boks, gør du det på Derefter vælger du menupunktet: Afsendere – klikker på S og dernæst Skorstensfejermester i din kommune (FejerPro). Du kan nu tilmelde din skorstensfejerregning. Du skal indtaste dit 10-cifrede kundenummer og den fem-cifrede kontrolkode, som du finder på regningen, som vist nedenfor

  • e-Boks Afsender: Skorstensfejermester i din kommune (FejerPro)

Nu er din skorstensfejerregning tilmeldt. Fremover vil du modtage samtlige skorstensfejerregninger elektronisk.

I din personlige e-boks kan du bl.a. også gemme din dåbsattest, din vielsesattest og andre vigtige personlige papirer.

Hvad koster det at benytte e-Boks?

E-Boks er en gratis service, som alle borgere i Danmark kan benytte.

Har jeg allerede en e-Boks?

Ja, alle har en e-Boks, men det er ikke sikkert, du har aktiveret din e-boks endnu. Det kan du gøre på ved at benytte linket på denne hjemmeside.

Hvordan betales regningen fremover?

e-Boks er en elektronisk postboks, hvor du modtager din post elektronisk. Så du skal selvfølgelig sørge for at tjekke din e-boks ofte. Din skorstensfejerregning bliver altså ikke automatisk betalt. Det skal du selv sørge for ved at logge på Selvbetjening, Netbank eller betale regningen på anden vis. Hvis du modtager regningen i e-Boks og betaler den over Selvbetjeningen, er der intet fakturagebyr på din regning, printer du den derimod ud og betaler den på posthuset, forsvinder fidusen lidt, da det koster et relativt stort gebyr at foretage en betaling på posthuset.

Link til e-boks. På denne hjemmeside finder du en tilmeldingsblanket.


E-faktura er en ny elektronisk faktura, som sendes gratis til alle offentlige myndigheder eller virksomheder, som har meddelt os et EAN-NUMMER.

Alle offentlige institutioner skal have et EAN-nummer

EAN-nummeret bruges primært, når en virksomhed skal foretage fakturering til det offentlige. EAN-nummeret kan rekvireres fra den kommune eller region den offentlige institution er bosat i.

Hvad betyder EAN?

EAN er en forkortelse for ”European Article Numbering”. Dog er denne betegnelse ikke helt retvisende, eftersom systemet er blevet udvidet til hele verden og ikke længere kun dækker Europa.

Det internationale navn er ”global location numbers” og kan forkortes til GLN.

EAN bruges stadig som betegnelsen for dette nummer, da det er det mest anvendte navn.

Generelle krav

Hvert EAN-nummer er knyttet til en specifik indehaver og består af 13 cifre. Når nummeret skal angives, skal det skrives i en uafbrudt talrække.

For at man kan sende en e-faktura, er der nogle krav, som skal være opfyldt. Først og fremmest skal man have udfyldt EAN-nummeret på fakturaen. Derudover skal der også være oplyst en reference, et ordrenummer, et land samt virksomhedens CVR nr.

Privat virksomhed

Som privatejet virksomhed har man også mulighed for at få tildelt et EAN-nummer, hvis man ønsker at modtage nogle kreditorfakturaer over EAN-systemet. EAN-numrene tildeles af GS1 Danmark.

Link til vejledning om EAN-lokationsnumre.